Thursday, February 16, 2012

18 months!


Our sweet little Hannah is a year and a half! I can’t believe it. I really can’t. She has changed so much just in the past month. Now she’s walking, talking, and holding her own. She’s 19 lb 4 oz (4th %) and 29.75” long (15th %). Smaller than Summer at this age. Derrick thinks it’s because we forget to feed her. Haha. She’s just a little thing. And don’t worry, she eats plenty. One of her favorite words is “sna!” (snack, for those who don’t speak Hannah.) Some of her other favorite words are uppie (when she wants picked up), mommy, daddy, mih (milk), wawa (water), doggie, ducky, stinky, hi, bye, thank you (cutest ever), ball, uh oh, peeee (please), watch Elmo, more (signs it usually), cheese, shoes, and sockies. She knows where most of her body parts are. She loves to copy her sister. Loves to snuggle. Chatters constantly.

She’s forever being bullied and getting toys and snacks stolen from her by her big sister. We’re working on the whole sharing thing. So far not going so well. I’m hoping it gets better!

Hannah is definitely not the sleeper that Summer is/was. She’s an early riser and rarely takes long naps. But she’s usually pretty easy going and happy so it’s ok. The rule around here is if you don’t sleep you can’t be crabby!

She loves to eat pretty much anything, especially meat. Summer never ate much meat but this kid will eat anything put in front of her. Loves tomatoes, cheese, avocado, fruit, and slams green smoothies like they’re going out of style.

She’s my climber. If there’s a stool or a chair low enough for her to climb on, she will. I found her like this today. I have no idea how she got in there or how she planned on getting out. DSC_5153Now that she’s 18 months old she gets to go to the church Nursery for the 2nd and 3rd hours of church. She loves it. She waltzed right in the first day and never looked back. And it wears her right out and I do get a decent nap out of her on Sundays!

She makes us laugh and we sure do love her. Happy half birthday, Hannah!


E.F.G. said...

Thats a whole lot of cute in her itty bitty package. I have a theory that smaller children are better climbers...less weight to hoist up. Same theory applies to my inapplity to do a pull-up...too much to hoist.

We are 3. said...

Seriously adorable. She's looking so old!