Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First day of school!

So I finally talked enough of my friends into starting a Joy School. It’s a small group, and all girls, but I think it’s perfect so far! Of course, I haven’t had to teach yet….


Summer loves it. She asks everyday if she is going to school with her friends. It’s nice for her to get out and be in a learning environment and I like the 2 hours I get to run errands, or just hang out with Hannah. And to be honest, I think Hannah loves having rule of the house while she’s gone.


And since we’re talking about Summer, here are a few funny things she’s said lately.

“Daddy is a nice person. He is my cousin!”

We asked her if she learned about being thankful at church. “Are you thankful for your family?” “No…..ice cream!”

I was doing Hannah’s hair and she walks in and said, “Looking good, Hannah!”

“Daddy has to go to work to make money for Summer, mommy, and daddy.” “What about Hannah?” I asked her. “No, Hannah will try to eat it,” she said. (Probably true.)

Our babysitter Ashley was helping her get her pajamas on and Summer had her hands resting on Ashley’s chest. She looked up at her and asked, “Ashley, is there a baby in there?? ARE YOU GONNA HAVE A BABY????” She never asks me about a baby in MY boobs. :(

She’s pretty terrified of dogs. We were sitting at the table eating breakfast—she was on the bench with her legs folded and I had one leg folded underneath me. She looks at my leg on the floor and says, “Mom, pick up your leg so the dogs don’t eat it!”

Here’s to hoping dogs don’t eat your legs!


Lara said...

You need to write down all the Summerisms! I have Carsonisms. Seriously, I keep a Word document and add them as he says them. Because things toddlers say are PRICELESS!


Lindsey said...

That's such a cute picture of Summer!