Thursday, February 23, 2012

One year older and wiser too,

Happy birthday, to me!

Ok, so I’m still playing catch-up. Derrick was in Orlando for my birthday for the annual Kohl’s Conference, living it up at the Magic Kingdom and being entertained by the Jerry Seinfeld, but I managed to have a great birthday anyway. It happened to be the first day of Joy School, so I had the morning with just Hannah to do a little birthday shopping. Can I tell you how amazing it is to shop with just one child who has a very limited vocabulary? Bliss.

And even though he was miles away, the hubby hubs sent flowers. With daffodils. He knows me well.


I got myself my free Noodles & Co. lunch and headed home to put the kids down for a nap. My sweet friend Tamara brought me gorgeous roses. Then later it was PF Changs for dinner with 6 of my besties. Honestly, the kids were driving me crazy that day so it was a much needed girls night out! And as if dinner wasn’t enough, and all I was expecting, they all surprised me with 2 Wii games!! Michael Jackson the Experience and Zumba!! So fun!!! I look like a moron doing both, but they are both awesome. I wish we had taken a picture that night. Love those girls.


It was a perfect ending to the day. Plus, I had so many texts, phone calls, and facebook posts that I was definitely feeling the love. And I got some fun gifts from my family….a new knife to match the one I got for Christmas, and fun pancake making gadgets. Plus some gift cards and cash money, which is always nice, and socks and other gifts that I love. And an Edible Arrangement! I love birthdays!


It’s weird for me to think I’m 31. Used to sound so old to me, but I still feel young. Well, all of me except for my knees. Those feel pretty old some days. And my gray hairs….those aren’t feeling so spry these days either. :/  

Thanks to everyone for making me feel special on the best day of the year, February 7!

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Lara said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy birthday!