Monday, March 26, 2012

Girls weekend


It’d been a long time coming, this trip. It had been talked about for literally years until Linda finally did something about it. And it was awesome. We were minus one due to last minute changes, but we still managed to have fun without her. We pretty much just shopped and ate. More eating than shopping, despite going to the Mall of America! We did our research and made sure we went to only the best spots in MSP, and our efforts paid off. I’m pretty sure we all came home a good 5 pounds heavier.

Just a warning to my lady friends: if you are planning on doing some serious shopping, and you go with 2 pregnant friends, expect to do most of your shopping alone. Unless the shopping consists of sitting in director’s chairs getting makeovers. They are not likely to try on a stitch of clothing, and are instead intent on finding a place to sit while you wait in lines for fitting rooms. Or just try it on over your clothes in the middle of the store. Whatever works. They were good sports though, following me around through all 3 levels of shopping bliss, and never complaining even though I know they were super sore and tired.

Here are the spoils from the day. Not too bad, right? Buried underneath is all of our stuff from IKEA, too. I felt super trendy, buying things that are trendy now, instead of buying them on clearance on their way out: neons, colored denim, feathers, etc. Hey, at least once in my life I can be in style and wear something cute, right?


Food highlights:

Chino Latino. Serving foods from around the Equator. We got carne asada, bulgogi lettuce cups, chicken skewers, and friend bananas. So. Much. Food. And so delicious. It did not disappoint. If you go, make reservations. Huge wait. But not for us, we made reservations!Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520009

Izzy’s for ice cream. You get a scoop and a little “Izzy” scoop of a different flavor for you to try. Apparently their waffle cones are to die for…a fact my friends failed to tell me until I had already ordered my dinky sugar cone. :(Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520010

Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. Totally crazy place….almost like a Halloween-ish vibe. But crazy delicious food. We got a huge caramel cinnamon roll, giant huevos rancheros, and lemon ricotta pancakes. Oh, and this bison sausage toast stuff. All very unique and so good. Again, make reservations!Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520037Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520043

Matt’s Bar for a Minneapolis staple, the Jucy Lucy, a cheese-stuffed burger. A teeny bar, no reservations taken. We sat at the bar because it opened up first. We had to wait awhile, but it was so worth it. The cheese is like molten hot lava at first bite but oh so good. Look at it pouring out!! Almost my favorite meal of the whole trip. And good fries, too. Yum. Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520030

We hit up Jamba Juice and happened upon Free Pretzel Day at Auntie Anne’s! Score!Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520015Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520019

Met another mascot,


and a Lego Woody, Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520020

and learned that bike lanes are huuuuuge in Minneapolis. I thought that was a lane, and was totally confused that there was an empty car parked in the middle of the road and totally drove right past it on the right. Oops.

Girls%2520Weekend%2520Getaway%2520036It was a super fabulous trip. Derrick was a little, ok a lot, nervous to stay with the girls all weekend, but they loved it, and he did great, even with a power outage one night! It was so fun to get away and spend some quality time with 2 of my best friends. Next time we gotta have more of our friends join us and really have a party!!


Jessica said... was SO fun! Love this post, let's stat planning the next themed! And then when the baby weight is gone a new wardrobe will be due!

Lyana said...

I love Minneapolis!!!! You made me miss MN even more than I have been already:) Looks like such a fun shopping trip! MOA is always fun, and it's super fun when you can shop without kids.