Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brew Crew

We had the chance to go to a Brewers game last month and with a start time of 7pm I desperately tried to find a babysitter but had zero luck. Reluctantly, I let Derrick talk me into just taking the girls with us. I was fully prepared for a nightmare experience, with two tired and cranky girls (who am I kidding…make that 3 tired and cranky girls.)

However, I was pleasantly surprised! The girls did great and we all had a really fun time as a family. On the walk into the park, we prepped Summer about what she would see. She asked if we would see Cosmo, and we said no but that we would see Bernier the Brewer! She instantly started to say she didn’t like Bernie and that she didn’t want to see him and that she was scared of him? What the heck??

Her fear of Bernie, who was as far as possible from us, kept her glued to Derrick’s lap for a good 6 innings. When the Brewers scored a homerun and the fireworks went off and Bernie slid down the slide, she freaked out. Check out that face:


She did eventually loosen up and with the help of some soda and popcorn what kid wouldn’t have a good time??


We watched the Sausage Race, which didn’t scare her (I don’t understand her logic…) and then headed home. It was a great night, and I’m glad I decided to take them with us. Now all Summer talks about is when it “gets warm we can go to the baseball game and eat behind our car!”

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