Monday, May 14, 2012


Thanks to my friend Antony I now have a speedy new computer! Watch out…blog overload coming to a Wet Donkey near you!

To start the catch up….Easter!


We kicked off the weekend at Cake and Bake where Summer got to decorate her own little Easter basket cake. For six bucks they provide all the supplies and clean up all the mess. Winning combination in my book! She loved it. And we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Perfecto.   


We colored eggs the night before, this year using Kool-Aid. Smelled a lot better than the vinegar method and I think they turned out pretty great!iphone 012iphone 013And you can’t have Easter without the butter lamb!iphone 020

Sunday morning we went to church then came home and the girls looked for their Easter baskets, which they loved.


After a delicious meal we had an egg hunt in the basement since it started raining as we were hiding them outside. There were probably a couple hundred eggs, seriously. The basement looked amazing!DSC_6104

The kids had a blast finding all the eggs, and an even better time opening them. Everyone was super creative with filling them this year, with probably more toys than candy. Loved it.  DSC_6119

DSC_6121zDSC_6144DSC_6137I cannot get a decent picture of the girls together to save my life. Summer will say “cheese” but look everywhere except the camera. Hannah just stares off into the distance, oblivious to my pleas to look at me, the camera, anything except the space behind my right shoulder. I got a lot of these kinds of pictures that day. Crazy kids.  zDSC_5997Derrick and I won the annual egg toss after a tough battle. It was a great day with great friends, and a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We are truly blessed.

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Maria said...

You guys know how to have a good time. Cute little Easter dresses!