Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Beach Week

The stars aligned and miracles occurred and all of Derrick’s siblings worked it out to get together and hit up Newport Beach for our annual beach week vacay. It was kind of hectic leading up to it since we had just gotten back from New York 2 days before, and of course I had to go to the state fair the one day in between! But we made it and had a great time. The girls had an absolute blast with their cousins, and it was so sweet to see them interact with cousins they had never met before but soon became inseparable. It still makes my heart smile to think of how sweet all the older cousins were, boys included—the boys especially—to my girls.

It was a week full of relaxation, fun, food, and family. The girls loved playing on the beach in the sand and looooved playing arcade games at night and riding the ferris wheel. To this day they still talk about “games and  the ferris wheel” and how much fun they had. Sad to say it, but my guess is that we’ll never get the entire family back together in Newport Beach ever again. So sad. We’ll probably have to go there solo if we ever want to go again. DSC_9314 zDSC_8920 zDSC_9154 zzDSC_8767 DSC_8329 DSC_8425 DSC_8510 DSC_8644 DSC_8888 DSC_9015 DSC_9060 DSC_9110 DSC_9112 DSC_9139 DSC_9243 DSC_9302 DSC_9312


We are 3. said...

The girls look adorable. It kills me that I can't see them, like ever. Their hair is really "california-fide" too. It really lightened up!

Becky Jackson said...

When I see pictures like this it motivates me to pack my bags and head West until I run out of land. Yes, I can see my self a Californian. I'd build an extra room just for you to visit :)