Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hannah turns 2!


zDSC_3895 zDSC_5226zIMG_0295 zDSC_8425Better late than never, eh? Our sweet little Hannah turned two while we were in California. We got donuts for breakfast, where she ate her favorite part—the frosting and sprinkles. She got to spend the day on the beach and finish it off with arcade games and a ride on the ferris wheel. What more could a two-year-old want??

We had a party when we got back home with some of her little friends. I suppressed my desire to do a cute original theme and went with her one true love: Elmo. I will say that since he is so popular there were plenty of ideas and Elmo paraphernalia available! Although now that I think of it, I still made everything myself…

Hannah was being a little bit of an anti-social stinker that day, so I’m lucky to have any pictures of her smiling at all. It was a pretty low-key party, the weather was gorgeous, so we all just hung out outside and played. 

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At her 2 year check-up she weighed in at 21 lbs (.9%) and 31” (2%). Keepin’ it real below the growth charts! She eats like a horse so I’m not really sure where it’s all going. She loves to chat, chat, chat and sing, sing, sing. She sometimes insists that we call her “Hannimal”, a nickname I made up for her awhile ago when she was acting crazy. It’s totally fitting for her, because sometimes she is straight up an animal. She won’t be winning any color identification contests any time soon—every color is blue to her. But we’re working on it. She’s still not the best sleeper, much to my dismay, and despite all the stuffed animals and blankets and books and tissues and water cups she says she needs in her crib to help her sleep. It’s a wonder there’s any room for her at all.

She really is in the most fun stage right now. She says and does such funny things, and she knows that they are funny so it makes it even funnier. One of her favorite things to do is run somewhere and yell “I’m running!!!!”

She loves dogs and can always hear one barking.

Every morning we have this exact conversation:

Hannah: Where’s daddy?

Me: At work.

Hannah: To make money?

Me: Yup

Hannah: Again?!?! (except she pronounces it o-gain, which I love)

She and Summer usually fight all day long, but there are brief moments where they will play together or share and it gives me hope that one day they will actually get along and be friends. Just yesterday they put on their dress up clothes and Summer asked Hannah if she wanted to “get married at the temple with me?” Too cute.

We love this little peanut. Not that I’m happy about my miscarriage last fall, but not having a newborn right now is really helping to be able to appreciate and enjoy her and all the things she is learning and doing. I feel like I don’t really remember Summer at this stage because Hannah was a newborn. I guess it all works out the way it’s supposed to. But I still can’t believe I have an almost 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. They are growing up just too darn fast. :(

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Becky Jackson said...

I can't believe she's 2 and looking so grown up. Darling birthday girl!