Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby, baby, baby

I figured I should blog about poor neglected baby #3 at least once during her development. I hardly blog now, who knows if she’ll even get an announcement post once she’s born! Poor girl!

This pregnancy has been totally different from my other pregnancies. If I didn’t know it was a girl I would swear it’s a boy. To start, I had placenta previa. It’s now resolved (thank goodness) but I had to get ultrasounds every 6 weeks to check up on it and be on pelvic rest the whole time. (A blessing or a curse? You decide.) :)

On top of that, turns out I have gestational diabetes. I was fine for a couple weeks just watching what I was eating and counting carbs, but in the end I had to start insulin injections at night. Totally blows, especially this time of year where there are delicious sweets EVERYWHERE and I can’t really eat them, but I’ll pass them up if it means not having a 14 pound baby! In the meantime, since I’m watching what I eat so closely, I’ve gained hardly anything in the past 2 months, and even lost weight right after I was diagnosed. Hopefully it makes it easier to lose it all after I deliver!

Around 24 weeks or so I was in horrible pain like all the time. I could barely walk, it was so miserable. I was getting really discouraged thinking I was going to be feeling like that for the next 4 months. But after a sweet blessing from Derrick and our good friend Joel I was feeling SO much better, almost immediately. I felt really great after that up until about last week. But really, I can’t complain now…I’m 36 weeks pregnant…what do I expect?!

I was kind of panicking because I hadn’t really done anything to really prepare for this kid yet. Hannah’s still in the crib in her own room so it’s not like I can really take over the nursery and revamp it like I want to. I’m terrified of putting Summer and Hannah in a room together, so I’ve been procrastinating that. A couple weeks ago I had a freak out moment and tackled all the kids’ clothes I have stored in the basement and organized all the baby stuff and washed and cleaned out the car seat so I felt a little better about things. Then my amazing girlfriends took me out to dinner and gifted me with an awesome diaper bag and some swaddling blankets and a gift card and that seemed to spark more of a spark in me. I packed the diaper bag, packed my hospital bag, and whipped up a couple sewing projects for the babe.

 photo2 photo3

Now I’m feeling much more prepared, and getting really excited to meet this new little girl. Not excited to be sleep deprived again, but I’m hoping she’ll be as good an eater and sleeper as her sisters were. Now we just need to finalize a name, and we’ll be set! The girls are pretty convinced we’re going to name her Kelsey…we’ll see!

Here I am at 33.5 weeks. photo


E.F.G. said...

you wear that little bump beautifully!
are you excepting name suggestions? how about noelle (double consonants like you're other little ladies too. and that has to be top on your list :)

feel well and hang in there through christmas!

E.F.G. said...

and by excepting, i obviously mean accepting.
i should get back in bed.

Becky Jackson said...

I LOVE the projects and the little baby bump! And Karen, You are so good not to complain. I had no idea about your pregnancy battles. I'm so glad you got a break for a while. I swear you get more done with all of that going on than I do with nothing going on. I have to admit that it was a huge comfort to me when you related how much pain you had from the waist down in your pregnancies. I thought I was the only one. I feel your pain sister! Not much longer to go. Can't wait to see princess #3.

Lyana said...

Oh, you look so wonderful being this far along! I am sorry about the shots and all the uncomfortable feelings...not fun. You are such a cute mom to girls!...okay, you would be a cute mom to boys too, but you are just so crafty and creative that I love seeing all your girly stuff:)

Miriam said...

You look darling with that tiny tiny little bump of yours. I love the sewing projects also, cute, cute. good luck with everything from here on out.

DeAnn said...

So exciting. I hope she gets a blog post so we can know all the details! Just a few more days now. Congratulations!!