Sunday, January 06, 2013


We had a great Christmas this year. The girls were super into all things Christmas-y. They knew all the songs and who sings them. Within like 2 notes of a song starting they would know what it was. Sign these girls up for Name That Tune!! We went on lots of drives to look at Christmas lights, including a couple drive through light displays, drank lots of hot chocolate, made Christmas cookies, Christmas crafts, and fully enjoyed all the Christmas season had to offer. When we finally took all the decorations down they were devastated. Hannah would mope around saying, “Christmastime is overrrrr.” So sad! I almost started crying too when on Christmas Eve Summer said, “I’m so sad Jessie (our Elf on the Shelf) has to go back to the North Pole tonight.” They loved looking for her each morning, and I loved being able to use her bribe them to be good.IMG_2636IMG_2657IMG_2608IMG_2635IMG_2682

Summer asked Santa for a Hello Kitty camera and a Play-doh castle that makes Rapunzel’s hair. She got both and has spent hours making Play-doh creations. I’ve been trying to let my anxiety about the mess go and just let her enjoy it. She also got some Disney Princess dress up clothes, which both girls have loved.

Hannah asked for a bunny (stuffed) and got it, but loves the little stuffed Minnie Mouse she got even more. I got her all the Disney Little People Princesses, but she refuses to play with Beast. “He’s scary!” They both got sleeping bags and have fun pretending to have “sleepover parties”.

They were at such fun ages this year, and it made Christmas so much fun for all of us.

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