Thursday, January 17, 2013


I thought it would be fun to post pictures of all three girls and see how alike they look. It was tricky to find pictures where they all had hats, or no hats. I feel like the hair gives them away. Can you tell who is who?

DSC_8418DSC_0952DSC_0223I can’t believe Tessa is already 10 days old. She is still the sweetest girl. Rarely fusses or cries…just when she gets her diaper changed really. She’s a decent sleeper, and will sleep for hours on end if she’s being held. She goes about 2.5-3 hours at night between feedings, which I can totally handle. The other night she went almost 5 hours, which would have been bliss except my two older girls BOTH woke up before Tessa did for stupid reasons so I didn’t even get to enjoy that 5 hour stretch.

I’ve been feeling sickly since the hospital, so I finally went in to Urgent Care today. Diagnosis: bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. I can barely handle three kids when I’m healthy, let alone sick! Thankfully I got a rx for some antibiotics so hopefully I start to get better ASAP. 10 days before I had a postpartum meltdown…I think that’s a record! My good friend came over, let me cry on her, watched all 3 girls while I went to Urgent Care, cleaned my whole house while I was gone, took both girls home with her so I could sleep, then brought them back WITH dinner and groceries. A true blessing, and a true friend. She pretty much bossed me around and told me to go to the doctor and took charge, which I totally needed. I don’t know why I feel like I should be able to do it all alone, why it’s so hard to accept help sometimes. I think it’s a woman/mother thing. Nobody wants to admit they can’t do it. We all want to be Superwoman. Well, Superwoman I’m not, that’s for sure, and I’m especially grateful for the amazing people around me who don’t take no for an answer and know when to step in.

Derrick has been amazing, too. So helpful with the older girls, who need so much more attention right now. And stepping up in so many other areas, too. He’s been sick, and I’ve been sick, and we’ve just been so much busier with an extra kid I feel like I haven’t even seen him in 2 weeks. I was a believer in date nights before, and even more so now! Can’t wait to go out once we’re all feeling better, even if we have a car seat in tow!

Overall, life is great. I’m loving my sweet baby, and loving how my older girls love her too. I can’t wait until I’m feeling 100% so I can give 100% to all 3 of them. Right now I feel like I am just scraping by, and I hate that.


Patten Family said...

My guess:


Hope you're feeling better. Glad that blogging has re-entered your life for the time being, which is comical as you are most likely more busy now than ever! Hugs:)

Becky Jackson said...

Will you give me your friends number?

Melissa said...

Tessa, Hannah, Summer (???)

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