Sunday, February 10, 2013

1 month!

It’s mind boggling to me that this little girls is already one month old. Some days it feels like it’s gone by so slowly, and some days so quickly. All I know is that I try and snuggle her as much as I possibly can. I love this stage, where they are still content to be held and sleep in your arms, without trying to squirm away. She still smells so sweet and I am just loving every minute I get with her.


At her 1 month appointment she weighed 7 lb 12 oz (13th %) and 20.75” (33rd %). I kept thinking how big she was, but when I looked back at Summer’s 1 month stats she was 9 lb 3 oz, and Hannah was 8 lb 3 oz! So really she’s still a peanut, and our smallest peanut at that!

She doesn’t do much, really. Just sleep and eat. She’s gone as long as 5 hours at night, but is usually up every 3 hours like clockwork. But she goes back to sleep pretty quickly, thank heavens. She takes a bottle like a champ, and for that I am extremely grateful…freedom for mama!!

Summer and Hannah are very loving big sisters, and love to hug and kiss her and hold her. They are constantly fighting with each other which is really the biggest challenge I have right now. They are at it like cats and dogs all. day. long. It wears me right out. And as of last week they are sharing a room now, which makes bedtime an even more hellacious ordeal than it already was. Things have got to only get better, right?? RIGHT??

Tessa is really just the sweetest thing ever. I might have mentioned this before on here, but when Summer was born it took me a bit to really bond with her and love her. I mean, I loved her because I knew I should, and she was my daughter and all, but it wasn’t like this instantaneous thing for me. Then when Hannah was born, I loved her instantly. It was like Summer taught me how to love my children. And with Tessa, I loved her before she was even born. I feel like having all these kids is just increasing my capacity to love. And I know that sounds incredible cheesy, but it’s true. Someone please remind me of that love while I’m cleaning up every tissue out of the box from behind my headboard (thank you Hannah) or drying the bathroom counter and floor after Summer gave Hannah a bath in the sink, fully clothed. I don’t know what I’d do if I had boys!

zDSC_1133zIMG_3619 IMG_3509 IMG_3291 IMG_3381I just want to eat her up. I think she looks a lot like Summer did when she was a baby. So cute, so cute. My friend Christina took newborn photos when she was a week old and I love how they turned out. I made the newborn announcement after seeing some ideas online. I love how it turned out. IMG_3437 So far, having 3 kids isn’t as horrible as I was anticipating. But, it’s only been a month….

Oh, and the answers to the photos from last time: 1) Hannah 2) Tessa 3) Summer. Tricky!


KC @ genxfinance said...

The one photo where she's sleeping and smiling. Breathtaking. :)

Becky Jackson said...

She's so cute Karen. And again, I absolutely love her announcement.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are such dolls. 3 is hard. I love a book called siblings without rivalry. Check it out!

Melissa and Trevor said...

I am laughing at your comment about having boys- tissue and baths in the sink is tame- I should tell you why went on today at my house- you would feel pretty good about having girls. :)

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