Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 months!

This little girl continues to be the sweetest thing. The time is flying by and I am trying to hold onto it as tight as possible. I feel like she is so big, yet she still remains our smallest babe to date. At her appointment she checked in at 9 lb 3 oz (10'%) and 22” (34%). I mentioned to the doc that she only poops about every 4-5 days so he did a rectal exam on her. SADDEST THING EVER. She of course started to scream and cry while the doctor put his pinky up her tiny bum. He said her rectum was indeed a little tight so he proceeded to stretch it out a little with his finger. She hated this even more. I wanted to cry with her. He said it would help her poop and if it didn’t to come back in a couple weeks and he would do it again. Noooo! Seriously, it broke my heart. She cried like I had never heard her cry before, she was inconsolable. Finally I nursed her to calm her down, only for the nurse to come in and give her shots! What a hard day for my little Tessa. But, she did poop the next day and has pooped a little more frequently since then so I guess it helped.


She’s been going to bed between 7 and 8 most nights and will sleep until 12 or 1, then again until 5 or 6. Can’t really complain. Some nights she only gets up once. She is the world’s fastest nurser (which I didn’t think was possible considering how fast my other two ate) but she is literally done eating in about 3 minutes per side, if I even give her both sides. She is content to hang out in her swing or bouncer, and loves to be held and snuggled. She likes her pacifier to fall asleep, but won’t really keep it in if she’s just hanging out. She does pretty good on her tummy, and will tolerate it for awhile before she starts to get ticked, unlike Summer and Hannah who screamed the minute I put them on their tummies.

She never lost any of her hair and it usually is standing up in the back no matter what I do.


She starting to coo more, which I think is adorable, and the smiles are coming more frequently, which I ADORE. It’s like she is finally starting to acknowledge me, the person who is at her every beck and call. And for that I thank her!



She’s totally my favorite child these days. Probably because she doesn’t talk back or get into fights with her sisters. She is just so darn lovable I can’t even stand it.   IMG_4217 IMG_4067

If every baby were like Tessa we’d all have 20 kids, I’m telling you. We love this kid so much!


Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

She's awesome!
I can't get over the 3 minute nursing! My fastest was probably 15 per side! You are right...everyone would have 20 kids if they were like Tessa!

heidi678 said...

You seriously have such beautiful girls...cannot believe how small she is, my kids were bigger than her at their birth! What a cute lil' peanut. Love the cute, did you make them?

Angie Lewis said...

Katelyn had trouble pooping frequently and the nurse told me I could put a q-tip in vaseline and just put only the cotton head part up to wiggle/massage a little bit and stimulate things. I did that every so often when she would go a couple days...maybe that would help/prevent more dr stretching? Good luck! Sounds awful for the poor little lady!

Melissa said...

She is such a doll! You are so very lucky about the nursing and sleeping times. Whew! No fair! ANd how sad for her poor little bum. My heart always breaks when my kids hurt like that. It's unbearable :(

Becky Jackson said...

How did you get 3 perfect angels? They are so precious. Beautiful pictures of Tessa as always.