Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tessa is 3 months!


Tessa turned a whopping 3 months old while we were in NC. She continues to be a superstar. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a good baby, but I’ll take her! She freely offers us smiles and is starting to coo and talk to us more and more. The girls can always make her smile and laugh, and I love to see them interact with her. Summer is always telling me, “Mom, she is SO adorable!” She sure is! Summer is always giving her a snuggle or a nuzzle and still wants to hold her all the time.

She goes to bed between 7-8, whenever the big girls go to bed, and will usually sleep until around 5. After I nurse her she’ll sleep until 9 or 10. But in the past week she’s slept from 7p-9a 2 or 3 times. AMAZING!! She must be going through a growth spurt! To help my boobs from exploding in the morning I’ve been pumping every night before bed, which is helping me to build up a nice little supply of milk in the freezer for a rainy day.

She’s rolled over twice in the past week, both times right after I put her down on her tummy. Nothing consistent, but I’m pretty sure she’s at least 6 months ahead of both of her sisters in doing this. She’s also really strong on her legs and likes to stand up.

She loves to play pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider.

She is still a great traveler and will sleep in her car seat when we’re out and about, and will sleep in the baby carrier too.

She is back to a regular pooping schedule, thank goodness. I really didn’t want her to have to get her bum violated by the doc again.

I really hate to rub it in, but she really is practically perfect in every way!zIMG_4875zDSC_1458

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Becky said...

She is so precious. You totally deserve it. And I love all the other updates too.