Sunday, September 01, 2013


At the end of April I ran the Crazylegs Classic in Madison with Linda, Jess, Tamara, and Sarah. I’ve done the race a couple times before, but I hadn’t done it since before Summer was born. I was kind of running every now and then and figured I would be ok. Well, I didn’t really get to train as much as I wanted to beforehand and went into the race not having run for about a month or so. I had set two goals going into it: not stop and run it under an hour. Pretty reasonable goals for an 8k. And the first time I ran it I did it in about 45 minutes, so I figured giving myself an extra 15 minutes what a nice cushion.Well, I was okay for the first mile and then when mile two hit I wanted to DIE. Like, I was barely running, the old man speed walking next to me was passing me, every part of my body was screaming at me to stop, and I wanted to drop where I was and just curl into a ball and die. But I didn’t. I crept forward. I watched all my friends pass me by, leaving me in the dust. They all have great behinds, by the way. :) It finally got a teensy bit easier, but not much, and in the end I didn’t die, and I finished in about 58 minutes, and I got a huuuuge blister on my instep. That thing was gnarly. But it was a blast to run it with my girlfriends. Part of me still thinks I can do a half marathon, and part of me thinks a 5K is about all I ever need to do again.

Pre-race. Me thinking I’m still 26 and can just pull this thing out of my @$$ no big deal. aIMG_5264

Post-race. Me barely standing up, gasping for air, realizing I’m indeed 32 years old and have birthed 3 babies and not quite as spry and fit as I thought I was.  aIMG_5269 Don’t you love how colorful we are? I sure do love these girls! I kept thinking of them waiting and waiting and waiting for me at the finish line and they were my motivation to keep going and not quit!!!

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