Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mother’s Day

I know, I know, we’re a little late here. But mama’s got a new computer, thanks to a class action lawsuit! Here’s the lesson, folks…fill out those registration forms you get with new purchases! You never know when someone might contact you years and years later and want to give you something for free. :) Anyway, this thing is faster than fast and I can use photoshop elements AND Picasa AND Live Writer AND the internets and it all just zips away seamlessly. Aaahhhh.

So. Mother’s Day. I’m trying to think back that far and not really coming up with any smashing details besides the important ones…I didn’t have to cook and I got presents. Derrick made breakfast and dinner and I was gifted with a Duck Dynasty shirt (love!) and my traditional, first-Mother’s-Day-after-birthing-a-child birthstone jewelry. This time I got a beautiful garnet necklace. So now I have garnet earrings, a peridot bracelet, and a garnet necklace. I really need to branch out and deliver in some other months. Maybe next time we’ll shoot for diamonds. Or pearls. :)

But yeah, I’m pretty spoiled, and blessed to have three beautiful daughters. It’s a pretty good gig to be a mom.

zIMG_5512And no, I don’t think I planned on having them all wear polka dots that day. Or maybe I did. Yeah, I probably did. 

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