Friday, September 20, 2013

I quit!

After I had Summer, I went from being a full time nurse to only pool status, float pool, prn, whatever you want to call it. I only worked a few hours a month and could fill in when needed. Honestly, it was hard to even work the minimum 16 hours a month required of me. Things just get busy, I’d rather stay home with my family, etc. Add two more kids and it gets ridiculous trying to schedule work shifts in between ballet lessons, gymnastics, soccer, church meetings, other activities, yadda yadda yadda. It was always my plan to work quite a bit more this summer but every time I looked online to sign up for shifts, they never needed help when I was free and when they did I could never do it. I loved working when I did…loved keeping up on my skills, the latest technologies, seeing good friends. But when I sat back and looked at my life, working just didn’t make the top of the list. It was a hard decision to make. I feel like my job was my one last connection to the outside world, where I wasn’t anyone’s mother or wife and I was important doing important things. Don’t get me wrong…I know I was doing important things at home. That’s not the point. The point it, I would go to work and do things nobody else in my family could do, and I felt special that way. But there’s a time and place for every season, and I’ve just had to accept that in this season of my life, I need to be in my home all the time with my family. I can always work later on when my kids are in school full time, or moved out of the house. Problem is, things change so fast, so it will never be as easy to work as it is for me now. I’ll always keep my license current (heaven FORBID I ever take those beastly boards ever again!) and hopefully be able to work sometime down the line. I totally broke down and cried when I hung up with my boss. She was so understanding and kind and I just love her for it.

I’m really sad I won’t get to wear this to work everyday too. Because that’s what nurses wear, right???naughtynurse And so, thus endeth the period of my life where I actually got paid to wipe asses.

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Dane and Denise said...

you are too funny!