Sunday, September 08, 2013

Saugerties, NY

We got to Saugerties around 3 pm in time for the reception. We had to drive through Glens Falls, NY, which every BYU fan knows is Jimmer’s hometown. So you you KNOW we stopped, if only to go through the drive through at BK. :) aIMG_0288

The reception was in Brook’s backyard. His house is out in the country, just outside of Woodstock. THE Woodstock. Like, his parents met at Woodstock when his mom gave his dad some acid. Because she didn’t believe in selling drugs. But giving them out was ok. :) His mom, Helene, has a huge beautiful garden, and mainly eats whatever she can grow. She made all the food for the reception and it was all delicious. His brother made pizzas in a wood fired oven built just for pizzas. Those were amazing. The party was really fun, and his family was so welcoming and kind to all of us Callisters that were there. There was a dance floor so you know I was out there, especially since they were playing 90’s jams all night. So fun. I can’t verify because I’ve never done it, but I think it must be terribly boring going to a wedding and not dancing.

Either way, the reception was great, and Kaylynn sang a song for Brook that Kevin accompanied on the guitar, all set to a slideshow. He was surprised, and it was very sweet. They didn’t exchange vows, but instead read their marriage rules, which was different yet very beautiful and very them. I’m so glad we were able to make it to the celebration of their marriage! We love Kaylynn & Brook!aIMG_0290

The next morning we had breakfast at a nearby farm to table cafe. I got this to die for blueberry bread pudding and we tried some sparkling maple sap. Sap is 98% water, in case you didn’t know, so this was essentially sparkling water with a hint of syrup. Interesting!   aIMG_0303 And then we headed into New York City, where we would spend the remainder of our trip!

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