Sunday, September 08, 2013

New York, the best city that ever was a city

We drove into the city with Kaylynn and Evelyn and met up with Daniel when we got there. His flight from Afghanistan was delayed due to weather so he missed the entire reception. Bummer. First stop, NY pizza! aIMG_0309

Then we split off and saw the musical “Once”. I had seen the movie a few years back and loved it and have been wanting to see the musical. Here’s a first world problem for you: it was hard to decide on a show to see because we had already seen most of them. I know, spoiled. I prefer the term cultured. :) Anyway, it was awesome. All the members of the cast are also the ones who play the music for the show…they just sit on the side and play their instrument when they’re not actually acting. Very cool. Such a sad, sweet story, and I was sobbing as we left. If you haven’t seen the movie at least, I highly recommend it.  aIMG_0314

Last year when I went to NYC with Derrick I felt like I had to make the best use of my time and see and do lots of things. This time, since I’d already seen all my high points, I was able to just take it easy and relax more. Monday, Derrick went to work and I went on a food tour with the family still in town. I loved the tour I went on last year so I had high hopes for another one, this time at Chelsea Market and the meatpacking district. I thought it was great—the food not as good as Greenwich Villlage—but I don’t think anyone else really enjoyed it. Oh well.  aIMG_0364 aIMG_0384 aIMG_0400aDSC_3330aDSC_3328aDSC_3341aDSC_3344aIMG_0406 Highlights:

  • Meeting up with Jason at the Shake Shack
  • Lunch at Eataly
  • Lunch at Sarabeth’s
  • Having custom lipstick made at Bite Beauty Bar
  • Breakfast at Doughnut Plant
  • Walks through Central Park
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Shopping on Canal St. Twice.
  • Dinner at Catch in the meatpacking district
  • Chocolate chip cookies from Levain’s

aIMG_0411 aIMG_0420 aIMG_0422 aIMG_0430 aIMG_0441 aIMG_0450 aIMG_0473 aIMG_0481aDSC_3368 aDSC_3370 aDSC_3373 aDSC_3378Our time in the city flew by and before we knew it we were packing to go home. We had such an amazing trip, and saw and did so many fun things together. I’m so glad we were able to go, and especially so grateful for my parents for really helping to make it all happen. Knowing my kids were safe and having fun made it that much easier to have fun myself. We were sad to see our trip come to and end, but we were excited to see the girls and show them all the surprises we found for them!aIMG_0482

Here’s to another 10 years with the love of my life! I couldn’t imagine this journey without him. Love you babe!

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