Monday, September 02, 2013

The Color Run

So even though I almost died the month before doing Crazylegs, we signed up for yet another race, The Color Run. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a long time, especially since our good friend John is one of the race directors. We try and see him when he comes to WI to do races, and this time we got to see him at the race, and that night at dinner in Milwaukee. This was the best day ever.

We left bright and early and headed down to Racine to the race. We picked up our packets and were nice and squeaky clean as we started. Every kilometer we got a new color, and by the end we were covered in color! I didn’t die this time, I actually felt great running, and had the best time with my girlfriends. We had a blast dancing at the post race party, and I even went on stage for a dance off and won a gift card. Score! Next time I want to do it with Derrick and the kids.aIMG_5646 aIMG_5656 aIMG_5676 aIMG_5679 Love these girls!aIMG_5681 aIMG_5694 aIMG_5701 aphoto

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