Monday, September 02, 2013

The California Blog Post, or, where I flew with 3 kids by myself and lived to tell about it.


We decided earlier in the year to go to California to have the girls take swimming lessons from my sister in law Karalynne. She teaches in Derrick’s mom’s backyard, so it was super convenient. I flew with all the girls by myself, since Derrick had to stay and work for a few more days until he could fly out. By himself. In peace. By himself. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the whole experience but everything went so great. The kids were amazing on the plane (thank you iPads!) and people were so helpful to me everywhere I went. I was prepared to cram all of us in a midsize SUV and AVIS surprised me with a free upgrade to a mini-van. Sweet! The whole process from check-in in Milwaukee to arrival at Evelyn’s house was flawless. So take that, naysayers!

We had a great time in California. The girls had an absolute blast playing with their cousins. They both cried the first few days of swimming lessons, but Summer quickly stopped and did great at learning how to swim. Hannah, however, cried every single day of her 8 day session, and didn’t really quite learn as much as she could have. When we weren’t in the pool (and we were quite a bit) we were having fun. Going to the Long Beach Aquarium, Griffith Park to ride horses and the carousel, seeing Monster’s U, going to the beach, celebrating Father’s Day, birthdays, visiting cousins, showing the temple where we got married, and eating all the west coast food we don’t get nearly often enough.

 aIMG_6067In case you’re wondering, if you show up at Lawry’s without a reservation and the wait is 2 hours and you slip the hostess a $100 bill, yes, you will be seated within 3 minutes. aIMG_6145 aIMG_6184 aaDSC_2589aIMG_6195 aIMG_6197 aIMG_6267First time trying veggies! Green beans!aIMG_6284 Look closely at Hannah’s face…aIMG_6288A trip to Galco’s soda shop, where we picked up some fun sodas, including a cucumber flavored soda!aIMG_6293 aIMG_6299 aIMG_6307In front of our usual beach house, which we didn’t rent this year. Tear. :(aIMG_6333 aIMG_6341 aIMG_6352My little swimmers!aIMG_6376 aIMG_6398 aIMG_6403 aIMG_6422 aDSC_2556 aDSC_2559 aDSC_2591 aDSC_2597 aDSC_2633 aDSC_2638 aDSC_2674 aDSC_2697 aDSC_2724 aDSC_2750 aDSC_2779 aDSC_2787 aDSC_2825 aDSC_2872A little mother/son piano lesson.aDSC_2895

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