Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dallas part deux

We left the Vanderpool’s Wednesday and headed over to Grapevine where my brother lives. We had lunch with him at the mall where he works before he had to go to wok, at Legoland. He was able to let us go in for free, which was nice, so the girls and I explored for a half hour or so. It was pretty small, but I think if my girls were more into Legos (which they are starting to be) they probably would have loved it even more. Still, they had fun playing and looking at the cool building made from Lego bricks. Actually, I loved looking at all the displays. I love Legos!aIMG_1191 aIMG_1200 aIMG_1206 aIMG_1211 aIMG_1221That night we went to Frisco to stay with our friends Ryan and Ashley Johnson, who used to live in Milwaukee. We had a relaxing evening and the next day Ashely and I took the kids to a nearby lake beach to play. We were the only ones there, which was nice. I guess 80 degrees is too cold to go to the beach in Texas. :) After the beach we left to go pick up Derrick from downtown Dallas from his conferences and then back to Frisco. After riding the carousel at the mall we met Ryan at Babe’s Chicken for dinner, where we had the most delicious dinner. Their chicken tenders were seriously the best I’ve ever had. My parents met us there too and joined us for dinner. aIMG_1242


The next day, all of us, the Johnsons, my parents and my brother, went to the Texas State Fair downtown. I’ve been hearing about how amazing it is, and I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now. After paying $15 to park, $50 to get in, and $40 on food and rides on the inside, I can say that I had a much better time at the Wisconsin State Fair for a third of the price. Sure, there was a TON of food there, most of it fried, and it was very good, but it just seemed like there wasn’t as much to do as in WI. But we all had a great time, and especially loved this little interactive pretend farm area for the kids. They got to be farmers and feed the animals, plant seeds, harvest vegetables, sell to the market and make pretend money. With their money, they got to buy a snack from the store. It was really cute and we all loved it! We ended the day with a ride on their giant (priced) slide. It was really fast and fun, and the kids loved it, especially Hannah. That girl is a thrill seeker! aDSC_4290aDSC_4292aDSC_4308aDSC_4309aDSC_4320aIMG_1262aDSC_4330aDSC_4376aaDSC_4376aIMG_1297  Had to see Big Tex, of course!aDSC_4340 aDSC_4343 The Texas Star, the highest attraction in the western hemisphere. The kids really wanted to ride it but I just couldn’t stomach the $7 price tag. Or the height. aDSC_4373aIMG_1292Summer was so happy to be reunited with one of her old BFF’s, Peyton! They even had matching PJ’s, both in a 3T!aIMG_1255We really had a great time with the Johnson’s and they were very accommodating hosts. It’s always sad when good friends move away, but it’s fun to visit them in their new homes, wherever they are!

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