Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Texas bound

Sunday, the day after David and Tiffany left, we left for Dallas. We left at 5am, stopped just 3 times, and arrived at the Vanderpool’s house at 9pm. The kids were absolutely amazing. They colored, slept, and watched an obscene amount of movies. We were completely wiped out from driving 16 hours straight, but it was so nice to just be there and not have to stop and unload everybody and everything for a quick night’s sleep.

Monday we started out with lunch at Katelyn’s favorite taco shop. It was tasty! Then we headed downtown to the Perot Museum of Science and Nature. We got in for free with our Discovery World pass—bonus! The museum was really cool, and the kids all had a great time. They had a sports section where you could race against different athletes or animals, take a slow motion video throwing a ball or something like that, and test your reflexes. The kids area was awesome, and we spent most of our time there. aDSC_4060aDSC_4064aDSC_4070aDSC_4084aDSC_4117aDSC_4128aDSC_4136aDSC_4141aDSC_4152aDSC_4163

I started to feel sick here, but just chalked it up to “lady problems”, if you will. After the museum we had to drop Derrick off at the convention center where he would work for the next 3 days.

That night we put the kids to bed then ran to Target for a few things, like some Pepto since I was still feeling really sick, and some Blue Bell for when I was feeling better. :) At the check out, I get “the feeling”, ran to the bathroom and threw up. Great. Food poisoning from the taco shop! Boo!!! So we go home, I throw up some more, and just lay low.

The next day I’m feeling much better. We decide to just take it easy and take the girls to see the Dallas temple. They LOVED it. We even took them in the lobby and they were so quiet and reverent and enthralled. We stopped by Nothing Bundt Cakes (HOLY AMAZING CAKES) and Pinkberry before heading back home. We went to their neighborhood block party for like half a minute before I left with my girls to put them to bed so I could relax since I still wasn’t feeling great. Then later Katelyn and I just hung out and watched Hoarders, because if you’re feeling down, nothing makes you feel like more of a rock star than watching Hoarders.            aDSC_4179 aDSC_4201 aDSC_4209aDSC_4252 aDSC_4267 aDSC_4234aIMG_1169 And then on Wednesday we packed up and headed for part 2 of our Dallas stay. We had a great time with the Vanderpools, and even though I was sick for most of it, Katelyn took great care of me and if I had to get sick on vacation, I’m glad it was with someone who I know so well and who I can just be sick and not worry about it. Sure do love that girl. aIMG_1185

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