Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grab bag. Not crap bag, but grab bag. TV show anyone??

So....I fell of my posting spree. Sorry to my faithful reader.

Nothing too exciting has happened in my lapse. Except for this amusing conversation I had while working a chocolate fountain at a wedding on Saturday:

Scene: It's 10:25 pm. I'm standing behind the chocolate fountain table, getting ready to take it down. Along comes drunk guy.

Drunk guy: "You look pretty bored back there. You wanna go dance?"
Me: "Nah, that's OK. I gotta start taking this thing down. Thanks, though."
Drunk guy: "C'mon, you're allowed! I'll let you! Let's go dance!"
Me: "No, it's really OK. I have stuff to do around here."
Drunk guy: "You have to watch this thing the whole time?"
Me: "Pretty much."
Drunk guy: "Well, what are you doing after this?"
Me: "Going home."
Drunk guy: "What are you gonna do? Just go to sleep?"
Me: "Well, I'll probably hang out with my husband for a little bit first."
Drunk guy: "'re married?"
Me: "Yup."
Drunk guy: " too."

I was trying really hard not to laugh in his face. It was hilarious. Too bad he wasn't good looking.

They found random busy work for me to do so I had no time to surf. Boo. I wound up getting sick on Tuesday night and called in sick for my last day on Wednesday. Suckas!!! So I slept all day Wednesday trying to fight it off and I'm still not 100% but hopefully by tomorrow I will be. Our friends Jason and Erica are flying in from NYC tonite to hang out through Labor Day. We're going down to Chicago tomorrow and I'm soooo excited. Wildfire for dinner tomorrow, Cubs game on Saturday. Come back on Sunday, then tailgating and Brewers game on Monday. Oh yeah, and shopping in between with Erica!! Yay!

Bought my textbooks today. $563. And I still have one more to find. Ugh. I've already got a couple syllabi from online and already have a crapload of reading to do. Boo.

Well, we should start heading for the airport. Happy Labor Day everyone!!

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Samantha said...

563 bucks? WTF? That's a helluva lot of money? I still don't really know what you're studying now - grad degree? Another undergrad? You crazy girl. I'm tempted to never go back to school.

Thanks for the blog. Am I your faithful reader?