Friday, September 08, 2006

Cities are way cooler than camping

Well, school has begun. It's going to be a crazy busy semester, I can tell. My reading schedule is ridiculous. Good thing I have Friday's off!! Except for today...I'm back temping at Waste Management just for the afternoon. It's all good, though, b/c I'm sitting here reading for my pediatric class. Nice! My lab this year is going to be more challenging that last semesters. No more blood pressures and walkers. This time it's IV's, colostomys, and NG tubes. Yesterday I did intradermal injections on this blog of simulated flesh. It was really cool, and I got the hang of it right away. Hopefully the rest of the semester goes the same way! We have a few new teachers, which could prove to be beneficial. First time teachers are always easier than seasoned ones. Hopefully our new Chinese patho teacher, whose American name is "Freddie", gives us straightforward tests. This is his very first time teaching in English. Engrish. Lucky us!!

Last weekend our big-city-friends Jason and Erica visited us. It was a faaaabulous weekend. I was sick of 100% of it, but all was good. I lost my voice on Friday and am just barely getting it back. All thanks to my lame-o sinuses and infected vocal chords. So now I'm on antibiotics and a nasal spray. Yum!! Of course, you know what that means. No gettin' busy w/o a jimmy for 2 weeks. Ew.

Anyway, we spent Friday-Sunday in Chicago, which was an absolute blast. Thanks to Jason's hotwire-fu, we got a great deal on a sweet hotel---the W. It was awesome. Friday we just cruised around town and checked out the sights and had dinner at Wildfire. Holy crap, I practically rolled outta there. I got the blue cheese crusted filet mignon which is deliciously undescribable. We got key lime pie for dessert, which was gooood. Jason got the baked sweet potato as his side which is incredible. Needless to say, I'm now craving both steak and baked sweet potato, and we are having both for dinner tonite. But at home. For a fraction of the price. :)

Saturday we went to the Cubs game again the Giants. We had awesome seats, and we saw Barry Bonds hit a home run, which was pretty cool, even though I don't like the dude. Afterwards, we went up the Sears Tower. It was really clear to we got a great view. Actually, the weater that weekend couldn't have been more perfect. It was beautiful. After that, we walked up Rush Street and found a freestanding MAC store so I could get some stuff that they don't have at my counter here in Milwaukee, and then we went to The Cheesecake Factory. No trip with Jason or Scott is complete without a trip to the CF. We ate and then headed back to the hotel to watch the BYU game against Arizona. This was the only downer to our trip. The fact that our beloved cougars LOST. Erica and I slept most of the time, only waking up to the occasional outburst or explitive.

I finally made it to a Lush counter. Their stuff is awesome. I got a shampoo bar and a bath bomb. They smell sooo good. They have so much other stuff that I want now. Maybe in Boston next week.....

Sunday we went on a museum rampage. We started at the Field Museum, huuuuge, lots of cool stuff), breezed through the Shedd Aquarium (seen one fish, ya seen em all), then the Museum of Science and Industry, which was my favorite. It is gigantic, with lots of hands on exhibits. I def need to go back and spend more than an hour there. We were rushing through all the museums to make it back to Navy Pier for the water architecture tour. We had time before it left so we ate on the Pier, then played some miniature golf (where the mini golf gods were playing mean jokes on Erica), rode the carousel, and got some ice cream. The tour was very interesting--too bad I don't know more architectural terms or I would have understood more of it.

Then it was time to make our way back to the Brew City. We were exhausted. But Chicago was a blast.

Monday was Labor Day, and we were planning on tailgating before the Brewers/Dodgers game. On the way to the stadium it started to rain, so we headed back home and just grilled at home. The game was fun, and I realized I am enjoying baseball more and more with each game. Much to Derrick's delight, I'm sure. I'm understanding more of the rules, and paying more attention. I guess anything's more enjoyable when you understand it I guess....

We did a mini tour of Milwaukee then *POOF!* they were gone. So sad. It was such a great weekend. A sports-centered weekend, yes, but still fun. ;)

Next weekend we are in Boston, for the BYU/Boston College game. Scott, Jason, and Erica will all be there. Should be another fun weekend! My mom is coming to the game, so that should be fun too. Maybe we can get some free meals outta her. :)

Fantasy Football is in full swing, and I'm already set to win this weeks matchup. Playing FF is the only way I can really endure the winter and the countless hours of football Derrick will be watching. This year is even better, since it was a $20 buy in and winner takes all. Hey, I could use $240 bucks! Tom Brady is on my team, so I'm pretty much set to win, right???

I was sadded by the news that the Crocodile Hunter died. How terrible!! Although, it would have been cooler if he was killed by a crocodile.

Well, I have rambled on way too long, and I'll be surprised if anyone actually made it to the end of this.

Oh, belated congrats to my friend Maria and my cousin Gwen for givin birth to 2 beautiful baby boys. Tanner and Caleb. Can't wait to meet you guys!!!


Samantha said...

Is that Maria the one who used to live next door to us?

PS why the h are you guys always traveling? Why Boston? Lucky. I'm jealous you were in Chicago b/c I miss it. I can't believe you guys did all of that in one day. That's like...a lot in one day. You must have been so tired, and probably you saw like 1 thing in each place. I think each of those places takes a day. have you been to the art institute? Man you did like all the downtown stuff we always did growing up, just in one day. *sigh* I miss Chicago. But where I am is pretty darn awesome too, so I'll take it.

You should change your background color b/c it's hard to read!

I'm still not sure what degree you're pursuing now! But it sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

And you say I never read your blog. CF this coming weekend, right???