Thursday, May 24, 2007

DMV, Take 2

I went back to the DMV today, Northwestern Mutual statement and my lease in hand. Are either accepted? Nooooo.

Incompetent DMV employee: Anyone can print out a lease online. And you need a statement that shows some activity in Wisconsin. You know, like you need to buy groceries at a Pick N Save or something. Not just something with deposits and withdrawals.
Me: Yeah, like buying groceries in Wisconsin means I live here.
Incompetent DMV employee: Ma'am, here's a list of doc--
Incompetent DMV employee: Well then you should know what you need to bring.
Me: OH MY HELL!!!! DAMMIT!! (And I really did say that. Along with other 4 letter words. I REALLY need to repent today.) I storm out.

I go to the bank. They print out copies of my statements, AND she types out a letter stating I have accounts with my bank and my address and the printouts were provided by them and she attached a business card. I take it back to the DMV.

Me: Here's my bank statements, AND a letter verifying them.
Different incompetent DMV employee: Weren't you just in here? Why are we revisiting this?
Me: This is my bank statement.
Different incompetent DMV employee: We can't take that. It has to be mailed to you.
Me: This is ridiculous.

I then go talk to the supervisor who tells me the same thing.

Supervisor: Do you have a paystub?
Me: No, I don't have a job.
Supervisor: (Looks confused) Well then how do you pay for yourself?
Supervisor: Oh, he pays all your bills?
Me: YES!
Supervisor: So you're a stay at home mom?
Me: Sure. Yes.
Supervisor: Well, you're going to have to figure something out.

I storm out.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE DAMN STATE? I JUST WANT A FREAKING LICENSE. I mean honestly, it's 2007, we are in the middle of the electronic age, GET WITH THE TIMES!!!

I was sooooo ticked off after that I went to the only place I knew would cheer me up. Wal-Mart. I did some mild retail therapy, and now I'm watching A Lot Like Love, which will no doubt cheer me up some more.

Today, I really hate Wisconsin.


ARL said...

if this all wasn't so funny i'd feel bad for you. oh, i do feel bad for you. i love it that you're a stay at home mom. i guess we're not close enough for me to have figured that out yet. i'll hate WI with you today. why not...i was born in MN, i can relate somewhat.

josiejean said...

and i thought i was the potty mouth!! lol. i'm surprised the supervisor didn't ask where your kid was, ya know, cause you're a SAHM.

Samantha said...

That would piss me off. A lot.