Friday, May 25, 2007


It cooled off A LOT overnight. Which I am okay with. It reached a max temp in our apartment last night of 84. When it's that hot, you just feel like a slug. I actually don't mind running errands b/c I get to use the A/C in my car. But now it's only in the 50's outside, and our apartment is cool as a cucumber.

Speaking of cucumbers, one of the many projects I want to do this summer is make pickles. I'm sure Derrick, The Pickle's #1 arch enemy, will try to sabatoge me and throw them away. I'm thinking bread and butter pickles...mmmmmm.

So get this: I have been calling the Jerry Springer air date hotline every Friday since we went to the taping. Every week it says ours isn't airing yet. Well, IT AIRED LAST THURSDAY WHILE I WAS IN TEXAS!!!! Lindsey caught like the last 10 minutes, but you don't see us or anything. I can't believe it. When I called, it said that the 6pm taping from the day we went would air, but we were at 1:15, so I didn't think it was us. Sounds logical, right??? Guess I was wrong. So sad! Probably a good thing, now that I think about it. I'm not so sure I would want my grandma to watch Jerry Springer just to see me.

This past Sunday Derrick was called as the Executive Secretary for our ward. Now people come up to me and tell me "Congratulations!" Um...thanks? It's not like he won an election or anything. More like he drew the shortest straw. Just kidding! Still, is a calling something worthy of a Congratulations? Even better, it's always followed with "Is he excited?" Is anyone really ever excited for a new calling? Except maybe hymn book coordinator? It's really a loaded question. If you say yes, you look like a complete dork. If you say no, you look like an ungrateful, unrighteous tool. Sometimes church members are weird. Myself included, I suppose.

Well, Derrick has a half day and we're going to go find something fun to do. I have no idea what....but I'm sure we'll find something! Happy Friday!


josiejean said...

My best calling ever: Church Magazine Subscription Coordinator. No joke.

Samantha said...

I just posted comments on some of your recent blogs so go look.

People actually say congrats about this? To say that at all is ridiculous and to say it to the wife of the person who got the calling is really incomprehensible. I think they mean "wow you guys are really in the ward now! How does it feel to be part of the group?" Now all you need is to have babies and they'll really feel like you're a real person! (This is how I felt in my last ward in UT. Maybe your ward is better though. But if you didn't have kids or you weren't pregnant, they were like...looking right through you.)