Monday, October 08, 2007

I heart Denver

Well, Denver was really fun. We went out for a wedding, but it didn't really feel like it. Oh well.

We started the day with a deliciously greasy breakfast at Waffle House. Grits, hashbrowns covered and smothers, sweet cream waffle, bacons, eggs, toast. What's with the midwest and their lack of quality breakfast joints?

The wedding site was really beautiful, on a cliff overlooking the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was really really windy, and my hair did not appreciate that. Nor did the bride's veil, for that matter. There was a lunch reception, and by 2 we were done with the wedding festivities. We drove up to the Air Force Academy and checked out what we civilians could. I love all the boys in uniform. But I still maintain that Coast Guard uniforms are the best of all the services.

We finally made it back to Denver and we headed over to the 16th Street Mall. We walked up to Coors Field, where the streets were swarming with crazed Rockies fans. I was wearing purple, so I fit right in. We checked out the Capitol building, where you are at exactly at one mile above sea level.

Then it was dinnertime. Lara recommended a place called Hacienda Colorado, claiming it has the best Tex-Mex, and I was looking forward to it all trip. It was soooo good! I had a stuffed poblano pepper, stuffed with chicken, cheese, corn salsa, and other great stuff. The tortillas were really good (not as good as my mom's), and the salsa was really good too. Very fresh tasting. It's one of those places where you can watch tortillas being made behind a pane of glass, like it's an exhibition at a zoo or something. Anyway, a big THANK YOU to Lara for a great suggestion!

Now it's back to school. Blah. Interviewed on a rehab floor this morning, which I wasn't super excited about. Old people just aren't my thing. We'll see what else pops up. I have another 2nd interview on Friday, and maybe another one in between, depending on if the nurse manager calls me back. Exciting stuff!

Here's a few pictures from the trip:

One thing I loved while out there was being in the middle of nowhere and seeing millions of stars. Almost no light pollution. It was awesome.

And thanks again to Shannon and Tim for their hospitality! We definitely had a great time catching up with you guys, eating swedish pancakes, and watching conference! You guys are the best!

Total Cherry Limeade count: 3

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Lara said...

Okay...where did Tim's hair go? I guess the buzz cut caught me off guard! ;-)

We took the kids to GOTG right before we moved back here. I can imagine it was a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding!

Sounds like you had fun! I am still highly jealous you got to have HACIENDA tortillas! (And if your mom's are better, I want the recipe!!!!!)