Friday, January 30, 2009

My life has come full circle

What's this? A 4th blog post in one day? Did I have a boring day? Yes. Do I have a boring evening? Yes. Actually, this morning we went to a local newspaper to have our picture taken because Summer was the 1st baby born in our hospital in the new year. She wasn't, but they think she was, so we went and graciously accepted the gifts from local businesses. In all fairness, I expressed my doubt about being the first, but they didn't seem to care.

Anyway, back to my boring day/evening. In college my roommates and I would often lament about our love lives, or lack thereof. The weekend would come and we would find ourselves without dates, once again. So what's a girl with no date to do? No, not go out and be social and do fun things in hopes of running into a possible mate-don't be silly. No, you stay in and watch chick flicks. Usually Sleepless in Seattle. Because what makes a dateless girl more attractive to a potential mate than being a sappy shut-in? Eventually we must have gotten a clue and made ourselves more visible because we're all happily married now.

Fast forward a few years to today.

Me, on the sofa, watching Sleepless in Seattle. I have a perfectly good husband, a well-behaved baby who travels well, and the hint of the idea of going out tonite. Going anywhere. Just out. Walk around the mall. Walk around Sam's Club. DO ANYTHING.

No. Now I have a husband sleeping on the LoveSac. The person we wait all day for to come home and keep us company has left us once again. And Summer and I continue on doing what we have done for the previous 12 hours.

Absolutely nothing.



Jessica said...

Aaahhh...welcome to motherhood.

Jessica said...

Sending you the recipe I use. If I had a Vitamix blender the texture would be better but it's very yummy.

Kara Pothier said...

Sounds like you need more sewing projects!