Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'll admit, I cry pretty easily. I cry during the National Anthem, the Lion King, Cotton commercials, etc. But ever since this bambino, I seem to cry more often.

Case in point: American Idol premier this past Tuesday. The first 5 minutes or so are just a montage of various auditions--William Hung, the David Hassehoff fan, the Clay Aiken fan--and at the end it shows all the winners. I looked on YouTube for a video of this but couldn't find it. Anyway, I'm totally bawling at the end. Really?? Crying over American Idol??

Speaking of American Idol, a conversation between Derrick and I the other day:

Me, panicked: Oh no! Is the induction on a Tuesday? Wait, inauguration, not induction. It is! It's always on a Tuesday. Does that mean American Idol won't be on??
Derrick: Did you just call it the "induction"? And it's on during the day, American Idol will still be on.
Me: Oh, whew.
Derrick: Did you hear what you just said? That's what our society is coming to. People more concerned about Idol than the Presidential Inauguration. Crazy.
Me: Whatever.

And we both cracked up. Hey, I've never ever pretended to be a political genius, let alone have a significant interest. But now I'm just realizing that Martha Stewart will be canceled instead, and I'm a little peeved.

Back to the tears...

Then the other night we were watching "Under the Same Moon", which I've wanted to see for awhile. It's a very sweet movie, about an illegal alien mom living in LA, her son still in Mexico and his adventures trying to get to her. Movies with plots like this always get to me. Being half Mexican I feel for them trying to come to American and make a better life for themselves. I'm NOT getting in a political debate don't even try. The boy in the movie is so adorable, and it's just a really great feel-good movie.

And then there's the tears that come when I just think about Summer's birth. What a wreck!


Jodee Luke said...

note to Karen: don't watch Full House episodes they make me bawl everyday....and this started pre-pregnancy!

vanessa said...

Don't worry, I cried because I had pot roast three days in a row about a week after I had Avery. It doesn't take much with all those hormones.

Silvs said...

What a coincidence...I cried during AI I didn't, but I did watch Under the Same Moon. I was almost going to do a post about it, and I had been wanting to see it for a long time, but I ended up not really liking it all that much. There are a lot of reasons why, and I'll spare you the details, but I had high expectations and I felt like it was just okay...anyway. I was closer to crying over AI than that movie.

Jessica said...

I sometimes cry in pre-views for movies not even out yet...I'll probably be like a fire hose when I get pregnant, there will be no hiding it from anyone.

SyXbiT said...

the kid in "bajo la luna" also plays Zorro's son in "the legend of zorro"

crazy huh?

wackywilsons said...


I know my baby blues are on their way....just waiting for me...

I am impressed that you have been out and about already.

I will be checking for SUmmer's blog sooon@!