Monday, March 02, 2009

Blessing our blessing

Summer was blessed this past weekend, and my family and my MIL flew out to be here for it. Luckily for them it was a little warmer than last time they were out here right after she was born!

  • Playing games at night. Dominoes and Monopoly. I dominated at Monopoly, which I've realized is a genius game. I don't think I'd ever played the official rules until this past weekend. Truly, genius.
  • Having most of my plans fall through for entertaining everyone. Brewery tour? Sold out. Dinner at The Safehouse (uber cool spy-themed restaurant)? No dinner service when we were there. No password required for entry (makes it SO much more fun). Secret exit out of order. Boo Safehouse.
  • Taking a family picture. The last family picture my family took was when I was in high school. It came out great-I can't wait to get them back next week!
  • Seeing the beautiful blessing dress my mom made for Summer. And the booties. And the headband. She crocheted them all, and they are sooo darling. It was a teensy bit too small, so she had to do some last minute alterations but it all worked out in the end. So gorgeous. Thanks, Mom!!!
  • The actual blessing. Derrick did a great job, and Summer didn't cry during the blessing. She did cry the rest of church, but that's because she was just so darn tired. She really wanted to be awake and happy and held by 2 grandmas and a grandpa all the time, but darn it she just needed those naps. Unfortunately, she was a little cranky most of the time, just because she was tired. And also unfortunately, that kind of stressed me out, and probably made me seem grumpy, which I'm very mad at myself for being that way. I loved having all the family here and seeing them with Summer. I wish we lived closer to everyone. Then they would see that she really is a happy baby and very nice to be around when she's not tired!!
I can't believe Summer is two months old today! It seems like yesterday I was holding her in the hospital, staring at her for hours. Everyone always asks if I can remember what life was like before she came, expecting a "no" response. Heck yes I can remember what life was like before she came! Full night's sleep. Leaving on a whim. Boobs that don't leak. But can I imagine life without her now? No way. She is the sweetest girl, so snuggly and perfect. I love her smiles, which are becoming more and more frequent. Even her cries make me laugh sometimes. It's become more real that she's my daughter now. For a long time it felt so surreal, like I was just babysitting. Now that we're on more of a schedule and I know what to expect from her, I feel more like her mom. I love it.

We wish we could have had more friends and family here, but I guess that's what we get for having a baby in Wisconsin in the middle of winter. Next time we'll plan a little better and live in the tropics in the summer. That should have a better turnout, huh?? :)

This is what poor Summer was doing most of the weekend.


Emmy said...

I know exactly what you mean about wanting everyone to see her as a happy baby. It seems like whenever we would get together with lots of people there would be some major melt down and I would just want to scream, no they are not usually like this!

Ashley C. said...

what a beautiful baby. perhaps if the location really is tropical next time we will be there. he he.

fun to share the same blessing day for our babies. summer is a lucky babe to have you and derrick!

DeAnn said...

She's so cute, even when she cries!

Lara said...

What a gorgeous dress! And yes, they're cute even when they cry!

I TOTALLY empathize on the "lack of close family" thing. But you gotta live where Hubby's job is, right? You'll survive. Sometimes, having family far away can be a blessing, too! (Oh who said that!)

Sarah said...

Summer looks so adorable in her little blessing dress! You look great Karen!

Lindsey said...

She looked beautiful! I felt like I couldn't enjoy Carly's blessing day because she cried all day long from all the people holding her too. I hope you had a fun time with family in town!

Nikki said...

I don't think I've seen such a cute baby. I love the's adorable and she just has the coolest hair, smile and cry. I want to hold her!! She's BEAUTIFUL!

Samantha said...

Two months old already!?! Time flies! She's coming into her own look I think, but I can't tell who she looks like more!

Maria said...

Adorable! Great job on the dress, headband, & blanket (Momma Romesburg). They look amazing.