Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is me kicking Air Tran in it's virtual balls

So last night we were schedule to fly out of Milwaukee to Los Angeles. Non-stop. Get a rental car and head straight to Newport for our week of fun in the sun. We get to the airport and find out our flight has been delayed for an hour, waiting for "an incoming delayed flight with about 30 passengers" on our flight. Fine. Well, the hour is up and then we see 2 cops show up, followed by an announcement that our flight has been canceled. Why has the flight been canceled? Our pilot called in "sick". Too much Summerfest, perhaps??

They tell us they have put us on a flight leaving Saturday at 4pm going to Atlanta, with a 3 hour layover, then heading to LA getting in at midnight.

So I wait in a line to see if I can get on a different flight. An hour and a half later we have seats on 7:20 am flight to Phoenix, with a 5 hour layover there, then getting into LA at 3. Better than option one, but still super sucky. At least we have 2 free roundtrip tickets out of the deal. And at least we got to sleep in our own beds last night. Because of Summerfest, all the hotels were booked and those from out of town were probably stuck sleeping in the airport.

So here we are in Phoenix, just chillin' like villains. All is not lost however, as Derrick's sister and her family live close and are coming to hang out with us for a bit.

There's something about bad things happening that brings people together. Standing in line last night everyone became friends, sharing stories about where we were going and generally complaining together about how Air Tran blows. One girl was going to the BET awards on Sunday. One guy works at the Capitol Records building in the recording studio and was telling us about working with John Mayer and U2.

Speaking of bad things, I'm so super sad about Michael Jackson. He was one of my favorite all time artists. And now I'm even more sad that I never learned the Thriller dance before he died, and I'm even more sad that I never got to see him live in concert. I don't care what anyone says about him and what he supposedly did to chidren. All I know is his music rocked and his moves were smooth like buttah. RIP little buddy.

Oh, and Air Tran? You can suck it.


amy said...

Ok, was your duty to put in a good word for the Lucas Cates Band to this Capitol Records dude!!! You did, right!?! Have a fun vacation...even though it started out so sucky!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...


I second all your thoughts on MJ. I'm so sad the Thriller is gone. I like what John Mayer said about him (although I'm not quite over the moon over John Mayer)".

Ok...I can't find it right now. Maybe later. Have fun on your trip!

Emmy said...

So sorry! That really sucks, especially when flying with kids.

Jessica said...

So sad about MJ, we should have a theme're the queen of theme parties. Or just have a dance off to his music! Have a blast in Cali!

Melissa and Trevor said...

you should have called us when you were in PHX, we could have picked you up for a few hours!