Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eggs-actly what I thought

Well, after reading all the comments, it looks like most everyone calls those eggs “sunny side up” or “over easy”. Bravo! Good job! That’s what I call them, too. Mostly sunny side up, because let’s face it, that’s cuter.

My husband, and apparently Whitney, call them something else, although Whitney's wins slightly more points for being cuter.


How lame. I think that is the weirdest name for them. Dippy eggs…still weird but better than dip eggs. Maybe because he sounds like a 2 year old every time he asks for them. It’s like calling them dip eggs was the easiest way to describe them to a kid and then they never learned the real name.

Oh well. Call ‘em what you want I guess. I’ll just keep pretending I don’t know how to make them so I can continue to get breakfast made for me once or twice a year! :)


Emmy said...

I have never ever heard that before.. yeah that is a bit weird.

Silvs said...

Sunny side up. Dig eggs is dumb, but I kind of like dunkers. For some reason that just struck me funny.

Silvs said...

I'm also glad you resized that donkey photo.

heidi678 said...

LOL...Doug calls them dippy eggs too and when I first heard that I was confused what kind of egg that was...guess he's not alone.

whitandjoel said...

Ok. So funny! I really call them sunny side up or over easy too, but my step dad from England calls them Dippy eggs. It sounds really great with an English accent, but what doesn't?

Jennifer Gilmore said...

blame his mom. As kids we called them dipping eggs. Now of course - they are sunny side up or over easy. Come on Derrick - you can change - we did! :)