Saturday, May 14, 2011


I’ve had a box of Runts in my car for a week or so (because I forgot to sneak them into the movie theater last weekend) and have been munching on them all week. I’ve forgotten how good they are! When it comes to eating candy in large quantities, I prefer the fruity varieties. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate just as much as the next sleep-deprived pre-menstrual mom, but I can only handle so much in one sitting. Skittles, Starburst, Smarties, Bottle Caps, I love all of those. I especially love that you can buy just the banana ones in those gumball machines in the middle of the mall. I love the taste and how their funky shape feels in my mouth. (And I thought of a bunch of ways to say that and they all sounded dirty so I just went with it. Go ahead with the TWSS’s.)

Anyway, I love that you can buy these at the dollar store, too! Bonus!

runts And speaking of runts…..this one had her appointment on Thursday and weighed in at 14 lb 10 oz, down a half pound from last week’s visit. She eats a ton, so I’m not sure where she’s hiding it. That puts her in the 2nd percentile. She’s 26 1/4”, which puts her in the 12th. She’s got plenty of chub on those thighs and arms so she’s not starving, she’s just petite!


BUT….she isn’t so hot at putting weight on her legs. And she doesn’t roll or creep or crawl or anything. She sits. Doc is a little concerned about it so she has to be analyzed by someone from the state with the Birth to 3 program just to make sure it’s not anything too serious. And maybe give her some physical therapy. I’m not worried. Summer was over a year before she even crawled. I guess I just have lazy kids. Blame it on their father’s genetics. :)

So we’ll see what they say. I’m sure they’ll just tell me to put her on her legs and tummy more often.

Maybe I should grind up some runts and add them to her food. Fatten her up a bit. It’s working for me!!


vanessa said...

I've had runts on the brain lately too! I just made some cute little favors for a monkey themed baby shower using the banana runts. :) Oh and FYI you can buy them in bulk at the candy store at Mayfair. Hannah is so cute! I'm glad you're not stressing about the crawling - my sister just went through all that with her baby and she was a stress case! I say they'll crawl when they're ready.

Lara said...

Have you tried CHEWY Runts????

Emmy said...

Runts-holy cow I totally forgot about those. Haven't had those in forever.
And yes, I love love chocolate, but fruity candies I could eat forever.

You do just have beautiful little girls :)

Anonymous said...

Chewy sprees!, Dots, Banana laffy taffies. Mormon drugs!

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