Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Say aaahhh!

We put Summer on our dental plan this year and today was the day we finally went! We’ve been talking up the dentist this week and how he was going to count her teeth and brush them and get a prize at the end. She was super excited and woke up this morning bright and early and asked if it was time to see the dentist yet. I was hoping we wouldn’t be repeating our at-home excitement for Santa and the Easter Bunny for in-the-moment absolute fright. She was excited as we drove to the dentist (although mostly concerned about why Hannah wasn’t in the car with us…she was at Linda’s. Guess we need to have more dates with just the two of us!) She was excited as we waited in the lobby. DSC_2638And then she got in the chair and she wasn’t quite sure about the whole thing. DSC_2643 She didn’t want to open her mouth one bit. But she eventually warmed up. DSC_2642

And after watching mom get her teeth counted and cleaned, and armed with a SpongeBob toothbrush, she was ready to hop back in the chair again. Cartoons on the TV above didn’t hurt either. Look at these eyes…they never looked away!DSC_2644DSC_2645 DSC_2648

I was so proud of her for sitting so still and being such a big girl. She picked out her prize at the end---bubbles, of course!

Oh, and no cavities for either of us!

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Melissa said...

Such cute pictures!