Thursday, November 10, 2011

15 months!

Our little Hannah turned 15 months today! She decided she wanted to get the party started early by waking up at 4:45. Let’s just say after our day yesterday, this wake up time did not go over well with mama. Thankfully Dad stepped up and whisked her away and let me sleep. Bless that man.


She had her check up today, too, and came out with a clean bill of health. She weighs in at 18 lb 6 oz (2nd percentile) and is 29.25” long (17th percentile). She’s a petite little thing, but don’t let those numbers fool you—she’s got plenty of rolls on her tiny body.


She learned how to crawl in the past month or so and now can pull herself up and cruise along the furniture. She can walk with assistance and I’m pretty sure she’ll be walking alone pretty soon. Summer started walking around this age, too.


She can say “hi”, “mama”, and tries to say “cheese” and “ball”. She knows signs for “milk”, “more”, and “please”. Those are really the only signs I teach because I’d rather have my kids talk than sign. She knows where her nose is.  zDSC_3940She loves bath time. Their favorite is when I close the shower curtains and let them just splash and splash and splash. They crack themselves up and I love hearing them giggle hysterically.

Hannah is my sweet, snuggly girl, but living with an older sister has forced her to toughen up her image. She will very loudly know that she is unhappy that you stole her toy and she’s been known to take a swipe or two at her sister. But overall she is a very happy kid and a fabulous addition to our family. We love you, Hannah!!zDSC_3917


Emmy said...

You do make adorable petite girls. She is beautiful

Cynthia said...

Wow... in a lot of ways! Does she only have four teeth?
Your children have beautiful coloring! I wish I could have hair as beautiful as Summer's.
So if Hannah says cheese and ball do you have her saying cheeseball? That would be funny.

Becky said...

Karen, I'm dying here because my four MONTH old just weighed in at 18 pounds. We should get a picture of them together!!

Nikki said...

SHe is so sweet! I can't believe she is growing up so fast!! Your girls are flipping beautiful. Those eyes and smiles...for reals Karen?

Maria said...

Oh sweet Hannah I am dying to meet you!! I almost stole your name for my baby Hazel. :) Give your mommy a big hug from me next time you guys have another "long day" those days are always hard for everyone (we have been having them more often than I care to admit lately). I love your halloween costumes and tell your sister I am proud of her earning her potty prize!

Melissa said...

She is beautiful!

Samantha said...

Nice to see another little peanut. Clive is small and the doctors are always all over me about it- do they bug you?

Anonymous said...

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